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di Andrea Bassani


TOMMY THE FLAG is a project with the aim to emphasize soci al and environmental issues which unfortunately we have to face daily. 

This is Andrea, husband, father and an Area Manager for a big company here in ltaly (consequently not an author - LOL). 

My wife Moira is a designer and travelling is our shared passion, we have visited more than 60 countries in our lives! 

8 months ago we became parents of Tommaso. Since that moment a sense of responsibility grew within us to teach our son about the principles to follow. 

He can not yet understand but every time he's a good boy we donate a meal through ShareTheMeal App, which is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme. 

Donations from the ShareTheMeal app support various WFP operations ranging f rom resilience building and school feeding programs to providing food assistance in emergencies. 

We want to continue even as our son grows up, to raise awareness to be kind, to help the weakest and to have respect f or our World ! 

We're aware it's a really small project but we would love for it to be the first step for our son to be a good person in his life. 

The profits of this project will be used to donate as many meals as possible to the underprivileged children from ali over the World! 

21x21 cm | 32 pg | Copertina morbida | Colori | ISBN 9788885732452

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